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Omg! Your Teen Actually Talks To You?

CNN\" kelly=visit homepage families on parenting. Tracey Koch, a mom of two, ages 10 and 14, and a nurse practitioner who works with teens, said she finds being candid with her patients and her own children about the mistakes we all make leads to more trust. Victoria's Secret model? Meh Generation stressed: teens boiling over Talking to teens about social media "I find that once you confess to also being imperfect, it levels the playing field and teens may feel it's safe to open up," said Koch of Lewiston, Idaho, in a response to a request for comment on CNN's Facebook page . "I tell my children that this is my first experience at raising children Farrah Abraham tape and parenting and I am bound to make mistakes." The mistakes parents make One of the biggest mistakes parents make is not being honest with themselves about how strongly they already feel about topics such as teens engaging in sex, driving, and using drugs and alcohol, said Hoefle. If your teen thinks, "I already know what my mom will say about this, so I'm not even going to talk to her," you can forget about your teen opening up to you, she said. Delia Perez, a mom of two boys ages 9 and 13, said she sometimes has to hold her breath. "When we talk, I sometimes have to put on my poker face because the overprotective mother wants watch Farrah Abraham tape to emerge and scream 'What the hell?'" said Perez, also in response to our query on Facebook.
More http://www.cnn.com/2014/02/19/living/talking-to-teens-communication-parents/index.html

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