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Wendy Davis Supporters Caught On Video Making ?abhorrent? Comments About Paraplegic Opponent

What I think is interesting is hes in a wheelchair but he has no sympathy for anyone or any way. He may url have a personality disorder, another volunteer read here added. The video also captures questionable comments made by pro-Davis volunteers during an Austin Democratic group meeting. He doesnt speak well, he isnt good looking, he doesnt have a good personality, and hes in a wheelchair [emphasis added], a Davis supporter said at the meeting . Soon after the video was released Thursday, Bo Delp, Davis communications director, attacked Project Veritas founder James OKeefe for smearing the Democratic state senator with one of his trademark deceptive videos. OKeefe is trying to create the impression that Wendy Davis attended this meeting and condones the language in this video, Phillips said. Davis, however, lost no time distancing herself from the video and condemned the remarks as abhorrent. Greg Abbott has persevered through great personal challenge to raise a family, have a productive career, and for that he deserves this website our respect, she said in a prepared statement.
Source: http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2014/01/23/wendy-davis-supporters-caught-on-video-making-abhorrent-comments-about-paraplegic-opponent/

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