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Nypd Eyeing Rap Lyrics, Music Videos To Go After Gang Crime

The artists, intent on expressing their passion for the music, know the risk they take when infusing their music with real-life criminal activities. Its a double-edged sword, manager Patrice Allen told the Times. If you have that much passion and love for the music, I guess you have to deal with it. Thats just what comes with the music. Its the bitter and the sweet, you know? In 2011, blog the NYPD began utilizing a similar approach by forming a social media team dedicated to monitoring the Facebook pages read of notable gang members known to use the social networking site to insult rivals and boast of crimes. Officers often create Facebook and Twitter aliases to befriend members and gain access to their activities. The project was deemed so successful, the department doubled the size of the unit following year. However fruitful the social media http://faz.org.zm/content/immediate-programs-aroma.html unit may be in tracking down criminals, some question its possible infringement on free speech.
Source http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/01/08/nypd-rap-lyrics_n_4560799.html

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